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Are you in the Languedoc-Roussillon region? 

Come to the Domaine Bisconte to discover our range of wine made for your pleasure!


Our opening hours: 

Monday-Friday: 11h-13h, 17h-20h

Saturday-Sunday: 13h-17h

Hours could be variable, thereby we advise you to contact us before visiting us.

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Domaine Bisconte Producer and Wine grower Independent Winegrower We are committed to produce wines of great sharp, each expressing the unique terroir of the property. notre histoire The Domaine Bisconte is located between Perpignan and Collioure, straddles the terroirs of Aspres and Albères. Direct and online sales
Domaine Bisconte
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Domaine Bisconte

Discover our authentic wines ! Welcome to domaine bisconte


Domaine Bisconte is a family property led for about fifteen years by Pascale JONCA doctor of pharmacy and wife of Manuel VINCENT, hydrogeologist. After 15 years in our respective professions, the passion of our origins encourages us to put all our energy into the cultivation of vines and winemaking. Indeed, Pascale lived all her childhood in the field by soaking up the rhythms of agricultural life that follow the harvests to the sons of the seasons. Then go to the faculty. For his part, Manuel followed the same path on his family estate in the region of Uzès. Today, we represent the fourth generation to follow this passion on the Domaine Bisconte located in the largest vineyard in the world located between Toulouse, Montpellier and Barcelona. We are on the commune of Saint Genies des Fontaines at the foot of the Albere range on the Spanish border. The vineyard, with an area of about 60 Hectares, is spread over three terroirs, each of which has their own unique features in the wines of the estate, making them unique. Our philosophy of driving the vineyard is the reasoned method that all interventions are carried out with experts, nothing is automated. Moreover, because of our professional backgrounds, we are very sensitive to environmental issues. Therefore, as soon as an alternative “more respectful of the ecosystem” exists then it will be preferred to another within our activity.

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Our team

Manuel le vigneron
Manuel Vincent
Winemaker / Owner

Passionate producer and harvester, Manuel is present in the vines all the year ! He participates in the elaboration of wines from the selection of grape varieties, and in bottling by supervising each stage of winemaking. Also, Manu is the wine cellar master and takes care of making you discover and taste the products.

Photo membres
Patrice Coll

In close collaboration with Manuel, Patrice is in charge of developing wines with aromas and the desired structure. Thanks to his highly developed palate, he decides on the proportion of grape varieties and participates in improving the quality of the products of our Estate!

Photo membres
Luc & Elisabeth Monte
Head of culture

Luc and Elisabeth are the conductors of the work on the vines. Present outdoors mainly throughout the year, they take care of their planting, their growth and their well-being. Their goal ? make sure to harvest the best possible grape in order to offer you the most promising vintages!!

Pascale épouse du vigneron
Pascale Vincent

Spouse of the winemaker, Pascale lived all her childhood in the family domain by soaking up the rhythms of agricultural life and is always on the lookout for new trends and new wines from the Domaine. Very present on the property, she will welcome you warmly!