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Are you in the Languedoc-Roussillon region? 

Come to the Domaine Bisconte to discover our range of wine made for your pleasure!


Our opening hours: 

Monday-Friday: 11h-13h, 17h-20h

Saturday-Sunday: 13h-17h

Hours could be variable, thereby we advise you to contact us before visiting us.

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The Cellar

The Cellar

The Domaine Bisconte’s vinification cellar is the older wine cellar of the Cabanes Domain, a very old Catalan winery dating from the 1800s and producing essentially excellent natural sweet wines.

The building has kept its “Catalan” character with its cairou and pebble walls. The roof renovated in the 2000s rests on a remarkable steel frame with tie rods and lanterns (late XIXs).

La Cave

Transmitted for more than four generations A passion Local and independent production Independant Wine-Grower Since 1930, between Aspres and Albères ... In Catalan lands

The Cellar


The winemaking tools have evolved with technical progress and the absolute need to produce flawless wines.

The press is pneumatic and entirely made of stainless steel. It allows white and rosé grapes to be pressed gently in order to finely extract the aromas of our fruits. In addition, during the red wine drawn off, it highlight the so-called “press” wines which are used in blends.

Finally, the cellar is equipped with a set of equipment for temperature management. A water network supplies flags with cold or hot water depending on the phases of fermentation.

The Cellar


The grapes are harvested after a tasting organized according to the grape varieties and the terroirs.The aim is to get as close as possible to wine maturity.It is a balance between the sugar / acidity ratio and the state of maturity of the skin and seeds which is an essential and major point for achieving qualitative wines.
The vinifications are traditional with destemming of the harvest. Sometimes, depending on the vintage, vinification is carried out with whole bunches called carbonic maceration. During the vinification, a rigorous daily monitoring is initiated (sampling, tasting, degree, temperature, etc.) Finally, all of our vats are made of concrete, fiber and enameled steel.

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The Cellar


Maturation is the operation that finalizes the final profile of the wines, and according to our cuvées we carry out three kinds of maturing.
Before bottling, the wines are matured in raw concrete tanks or in oak barrels (such as for “Renaissance“). The barrel park is made up of oaks of different origins.
To increase the diversity, the barrels have different ages. This allows to obtain a basic diversity, necessary for blends.
Concrete tanks are essentially recognized for their exceptional thermal capacity, necessary and sufficient to promote the clarification of wines and the development of aromas.